Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hey That's My bad Idea....No It's Mine

update: Seagal: Lawman.

In a breathtaking development to yesterday's post about a new reality show on A&E starring Stephen Seagal as a cop (he really is one), controversy has erupted where only apathy should have dared tread. Seems that A&E has sued Genuine Entertainment for asserting that A&E stole the idea for the Seagal show from them. So, hypothetically, you can steal an idea, and then sue the folks you stole it from, just for them saying you stole it? I didn't know yo could do that. Of, course, A&E doesn't think they stole the idea, hence the lawsuit. Still, what is it about this guy, Seagal, is he a magic man? Does he have powers? Podnuh, he's got the power to kick your...watch your mouth. Just talking 'bout Seagal. More here.

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