Friday, August 14, 2009

SWAT Team Responds to Call

The Lafayette Police Department just issued this statement about a standoff in a Lafayette residence in which 2 firemen were briefly taken hostage. After 3 hours, the standoff ended peacefully and no one was hurt.

From the statement:
At approximately 8:30 am, the Lafayette Fire Department responded to a stove fire at the address of 125 Branton Street. The Fire Department was cancelled while driving to the call, but continued to respond to verify that the fire was extinguished. When fire fighters arrived on the scene they made contact with a 32 year old male inside of the residence. The man was immediately combative and then slammed the front door shut with the two firemen still inside of the home. The door was locked and the suspect advised the firemen that they were his hostages and threatened them with bodily harm. The firemen fled out the back door and called Lafayette Police Department.

The suspect, Raymond Sutton (32) of Lafayette, refused to exit the home so the Lafayette Swat and Negotiator Teams were activated. Negotiators opened dialog but were unable to convince him to exit so at approximately 11:40 am, the decision was made to enter the home and search for Sutton after he was no longer responsive to negotiations. SWAT members entered the front door and found the man lying face down and unresponsive. Sutton was transported to a local hospital were an Order of Protective Custody was obtained for him to be evaluated. Upon being released from the medical facility, Sutton will be arrested on two warrants for Terrorizing and False Imprisonment.

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