Thursday, August 6, 2009

Speed Vans Legal - Possibly Coming to New Iberia

The Redflex Speed Van court case was settled yesterday...well, almost settled. The case brought before the court argued that the speed vans were unconstitutional because of the method of service (by mail instead of the traditional in person) and the fact that the violations are treated as a civil manner instead of criminal, which changes the protections the offender receives. The court disagreed and threw out all but 1 minor issue, whether the use of a "boot" was legal. That will move to a new court to decide. Richard Burgess from The Advocate has the whole story here.

In a related note, KATC reports that New Iberia may soon employ the SafeSpeed Van program. The New Iberia City-Council is considering instituting the program in their city to help raise needed funds for roads and jails. Sheriff Ackal is strongly opposed to the program, saying his officers can handle the job just fine thank you and vows that "As long as I sit here we not gonna have flex vans in this parish." Boy these vans do stir up quite a controversy wherever they go. Read more on

Click here to visit the SafeSpeed web page on the Lafayette Consolidated Gov't. website to learn more about the program.

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