Friday, August 7, 2009

Advocacy Group Looking for Support in Baton Rouge

Members of the gay adoption advocacy group, Forum for Equality, were in Baton Rouge yesterday to discuss the topic of adoption. They were there to meet with members of the Louisiana Commission on Marriage and Family, created by former Governor Mike Foster and who's members are appointed by current Governor Jindal. As the law stands now, marriage of same-sex couples is illegal, but adopting as a single person is not. Forum for Equality fears that a bill may be introduced next session that outlaws the provision to allow single people to adopt children. They say that by closing adoption to only married male / female couples and disallowing adoption by singles would hurt children, not help. While the commission can't set policy, they do carry influence and make recommendations. has a full report as does the Times-Picayune.

Photo by LizaWasHere

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