Monday, October 26, 2009

More BBQ Coming Soon

Back in August we told you about The Shed BBQ that's coming soon to Scott.....well now a new BBQ joint is planning to open next month in Lafayette. Eddie's BBQ, currently with 2 locations in Alexandria, will open it's 3rd location on W. Pinhook in November. Owner Dan Ahrens says in his press release to The Advertiser that Eddie's BBQ specializes in St. Louis style pork ribs, Beef Brisket, Pork roast, Rotisserie Chicken, Spicy or Mild Sausage, Turkey Breast and Smoked Pit Ham as well as many homemade side orders and desserts.


  1. Lest we forget: I believe that 2Paul's Radically Urban BBQ has an All You Can Eat Ribs every Tuesday from 5p to 8p for $10.99. I think they're even keeping tabs on each week's high intake score (urp!). Best thing is 2Paul's isn't a chain, the two Pauls are there, servin' it up, everyday! Check em out:

  2. Our office just tried Eddie's BBQ on Pinhook and will never go back. I would write of letter of complaint to the owner but he was part of the problem. When we complained in the restaurant he did not seem to care at all.

    We had 4 separate orders when we called in. We were told on the phone they were "too busy" to take our separate orders so we told them we would call back individually to make our orders. After a heavy sigh the person on the phone indicated for us to place the order.

    When we went to pick up the order they put it all together and again told us we could not pay for it separately. They were rude and honestly we were just floored that a new business would treat anyone (much less money paying customers) this way. Again, we were advised they were too busy to separate the orders. If the line had been out the door like IZZO's then we might have understood...but this place was NOT busy.

    And if they treat all customers this way they will stay that way.

    As for the food, one person ordered the salad and threw it away. I had the BBQ sandwich and there was nothing special about it. The sides were just sad and I threw them away. The food was not hot and even if the service had been better I would not go back for the food. It was terrible.

    We had such high hopes....Maybe 2 Pauls BBQ could open in Broussard??