Monday, October 26, 2009

Maybe Some Hope?

Nancy Sutley, Chair of the Council on Environmental Quality toured the Big Branch Marsh National Wildlife Refuge, as part of the Ocean Policy Task Force and was "humbled" by the experience. She saw with her own eyes the loss of coastal wetlands we here in Louisiana have been shouting about for quite some time. Here's what she posted on the White House Blog:
Standing on the viewing post of Bayou Bienvenue and seeing the extent to which the wetlands have disappeared was a humbling experience that reinforced my belief in the importance of this, and other coastal restoration projects. As the President said during the Town Hall, it is inspirational to spend time with the citizens there who have persevered in the face of the tragedy that was Katrina and are steadfast in their resolve to rebuild. The Obama Administration is committed to enhancing the environmental and economic sustainability of New Orleans and coastal Louisiana, and we recognize that coastal wetland restoration is a key path toward achieving this type of long-term resiliency.

And this:
Our trip allowed us to see both the bird’s eye view of the Gulf from the air, and actual restoration efforts on the ground. The Obama administration is working to strengthen the wetlands and barrier islands that are the first line of defense for the Gulf Coast – a priority that, while critical to this region’s physical protection, is also critical to our environment and to our economy.

Yes, it is overdue, yes it is mere words when action is needed. But at this point, I'll take it. It is a start, and Ms. Sutley is to be commended for her efforts. Now, Madame, if you could please get your boss on the horn. Read her post here.

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