Saturday, October 17, 2009

Beausoleil Home Final Update

Well, the Solar Decathlon finished judging Friday and if it wasn't for that darned water heater our team would have really come out strong. As it is, they finished 19th place, and really, just placing is an incredible accomplishment considering many of the teams had been there before and knew how to design to the criteria and this was the first time ever that a team from Louisiana even participated. Team Beausoleil had very solid scores in all other categories except the Water Heater challenge (the judges would draw 15 gallons of hot water from the home every 10 minutes). Unfortunately they had some issues, replaced the heater and was unable to regain enough power in time to heat up for the subsequent draws. The two weeks ended last night with a good ole fashioned fais do do as BeauSoleil avec Michael Doucet played at the final celebration. I bet one thing: I'm sure Team Beausoleil had the rockin-est house on the Solar Decathlon block. Great job team! Marsha Sills with the Advocate has a complete story here, and here are the Team Beausoleil standings by contest:

Architecture: 11
Market Viability: 1
Engineering: 15
Lighting Design: 13
Communications: 16
Comfort Zone: 7
Hot Water: 20
Appliances: 6
Home Entertainment: 7
Net Metering: 17

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  1. The U.S. Dept of Energy’s 2009 Solar Decathon was such an incredible experience for us. As a graduate student in architecture, I realize the invaluable knowledge we have gained by participating. We are so proud to have gone to this outstanding and prestigious international competition to proudly represent the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Southern Culture, and the State of Louisiana. Bringing home the market viability and people’s choice award really shows that we did our best to meet the needs and desires of the people by designing a home that’s hurricane resistant and culturally-relevant.