Thursday, October 8, 2009

Now Put Some Grits Wit Dat And You Got Something

John Desantis of the Daily Comet reports that all 14 Outback Steakhouses in Louisiana will sell only Louisiana shrimp. Think shrimp is big business in Louisiana? How 'bout $1.3 billion, 14,384 jobs and generated $91.1 million and $83.4 million to state and federal revenues, respectively. That's a lot of tail my friends. Here's what Gov. Jindal had to say:
This news is an important victory in our fight to help Louisiana shrimpers. Outback Steakhouse is officially a partner today with our Louisiana shrimp industry," Jindal said. "Their commitment to buy only Louisiana seafood for all 14 of their stores in the state will help us promote the purchase and consumption of Louisiana shrimp here in the state and also send a signal to companies all across the nation."

More here.

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