Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Plaquemine Parish Is Protecting Itself

Plaquemine Parish has taken it upon themselves to come up with a solution to help protect them from future hurricanes. After being battled by recent storms, they regrouped and came up with multi line of defense solution that they plan on instituting as soon as they get the permits to do so. First, they intend to barricade themselves by using sediment to rebuild marshes and barrier islands, then they will build up a ridge of cypress trees in front of their levees....a plan inspired actually by a herd of cattle. During Hurricane Katrina, cattle farmer Earl Armstrong lost 1700 of his 1800 cattle but the other 100 managed to save themselves by moving to higher ground a top of a natural ridge. Rick Jervis of the USA Today has the whole interesting story here.

Photo by Ken Roberts Photography

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