Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hey There Sugar Dumplin

Ooh whee, this one brings backs some memories. Back in the day, my best friend Bobby's dad managed the local Leisure Landing record store and would bring home stacks of the latest hit singles every week. Me and Bobby and my sister Monica each had our own collections of 45's which we carried in our own carrying cases. It was a big deal to have something of your own at that age. Many summer afternoons (when it was too hot to play outside) were spent with the three of us hovering over a record player watching the 45's spin around, jamming out, memorizing all the lyrics, and record labels and artists. Stevie Wonder, The Grass Roots, The Beatles (don't think that Revolution the "b" side of Hey Jude didn't blow my 8 year old did!).
Now, this King Floyd classic Groove Me Baby, was so funky and so sexy (even though I didn't know what funky or sexy was back then) I thought for sure we'd get in trouble just for listening to it. It was the same feeling I got when I heard a Richard Pryor record for the first time years later. Turns out nothing bad happened. I was just finding out what FUN was. It's rainy today but the weekend does not stop for inclement weather. Rock on with the King. King Floyd!

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  1. Dang, dude! I was way older than 8 when I first heard this song, but, its message to me was loud and clear: Get thee to a confessional! You can find out later just what Sookie, Sookie actually means - cause right now, it has to be bad ( ... unngh!)