Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Naked Burgler in Slidell

Ok....I know, this one's not technically Acadiana, but this is too good to pass up, and it did occur within the state lines of Louisiana, so we're including it in The Meaux. KLFY reports that police in Slidell are looking for a man that broke into a home, ransacked the place, and took off with 1 bed sheet....all while being completely naked. When the homeowners returned to find the mess their house was in, they checked their video surveillance system and discovered that a nude man had come onto the property, washed himself with a garden hose, covered up with a garbage bag, hung out on their back patio for a while and then apparently got hungry. He next broke into the house, fixed himself something to eat, had a few drinks, took another shower and then left. The only thing missing was the bed sheet he used to cover himself with as he left. The man is still at large. WWL has a full report with an interview with the Slidell Police Captain.

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