Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Centennial, AT&T Deal Should Be Complete By December

The announced merger between Centennial Wireless, one of our areas largest cellular providers, and AT&T looks like it'll probably be complete by December, according to the Associated Press. The Justice Department and the Louisiana Attorney General have approved a measure in which Centennial Wireless would sell off a few markets to Verizon and the rest to AT&T and now the FCC is reviewing the plan. According to the deal, Centennial shareholders will receive $8.50 per share. Click here for more details.


  1. The AP article says that Centennial will have to divest its operations in SW & Central Louisiana and SW Mississippi (Natchez, McComb)... who will end up getting these areas?

    I've been noticing that Cricket has been expanding recently into Houston and Shreveport (and soon Baton Rouge), but those are mostly new builds. MetroPCS? Cellular South?

  2. Nevermind... I just read in the post that they're going to Verizon—which strikes me as kind of odd:

    Centennial's network runs on GSM technology while Verizon's is CDMA. This means that Verizon is going to have to change out all of Centennial's existing towers and infrastructure, while Centennial customers will have to get new phones to run on VZW's network.