Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Where's Everybody At?

Sorry for finding this a couple of days late, but MSNBC.com ran this Associated Press story about Holly Beach Louisiana after Hurricanes Rita and Ike on Thursday. What used to be a bustling summer get-away destination now resembles a ghost town. According to the article, new improvements to the roads and sewer systems is expected to attract condo and hotel developers, but some residents fear Holly Beach has lost its former charm which earned it the nickname the "Cajun Riviera". From the article:
While the two September storms — Rita in 2005, which destroyed every structure in town, and Ike in 2008 — didn't kill anyone in Louisiana, they effectively ended Holly Beach's status as a vacation destination. Most lots are empty except for concrete slabs and high grass, but several families have built grand homes that tower on stilts to get out of the way of the next storm surge.

More here.

Photo by etohaholic

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