Thursday, February 18, 2010

To The Draft!

I washed 20+ dogs yesterday and I'm looking at 25 more today. My back says stay in bed, my hands agree with the back. My feet have never happily reported to work at any point in my adult life. What kind of cosmic forces combined to have every dog owner in Lafayette chose this week to have their dogs washed? Seems like just last week (or was it the week before last?) I was riding high, reveling in the Saints Superbowl victory, then the parade, then Mardi Gras. Now, I'm facing the reality of no more football till August. This is traditionally the worst weekend of the year for me. Granted, it came later than it ever has before. And my team did accomplish the improbable, previously thought to be impossible. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Somebody should use that.
So, in the spirit of wanting to be back in NOLA, letting the good times roll, this song was requested by Daily Meaux reader, and former New Orleans resident, Takako, all the way from Fukuoka, Japan. It's true, the tubes stretch all the way to Japan. Maybe you find yourself in Bend, Oregon, or you have an Army job in France, enjoying excellent health care. Wherever. If you've ever been in New Orleans, you'll know what this means.
Longest, dullest weekend of my year starts now.


  1. um, washing dogs now...what a life.
    and the health care ain't that great in france...

  2. Ha ha. What a succinct testament to cowardice and ignorance. Do you start all your sentences with "um"? Yeah, I may be washing dogs right now, but you're still reading my blog. Suck it jackass! And please, enlighten us all with your expertise regarding the French health care system. Here, I'll start it for you: " ain't that great...." Kudos to you anonymous.