Friday, February 19, 2010

Still Surviving

::Spoiler Alert::
Lafayette's favorite Survivor, James Clement, played a pretty significant role in last night's episode. Nutshell version, Boston Rob collapsed from having the flu and the rest of the villains/doofuses, pulled together and won the reward/immunity challenge, a tarp and rope. Over on the Hero's side, James verbalized his frustration at losing the challenge and decided that Stephanie was bad luck because during her season, her entire team got voted out around her. That's where things got particularly interesting...the sparks were flying at Tribal Council but ultimately James got his bad luck charm voted out by a vote of 6 - 3.

Here's a complete recap on

While we're chatting about reality TV stars from Acadiana - remember Krista Stegal? She was the one on Big Brother 2 that was proposed to by Mike 'Boogie' in the season finale, accepted, came home and worked on the radio for a while, broke up with Mike 'Boogie', and then moved back to Opelousas. Haven't heard much from her lately, but here's her Myspace page if you want to check it out...
-jill :)

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