Monday, February 8, 2010


This is for all the Sons and Daughters who won't have to wait until they're almost 50 years old (like I did) to see their team become WORLD CHAMPIONS! I don't have a photo credit, so this is probably illegal, and definitely unprofessional. But guess what? I don't make any money on this thing, and my team just won the freaking Superbowl! Just choke down that lump in your throat and enjoy the moment.


  1. What a lump it is, my friend...

    My 19 year old son texted me from The Quarter Monde at 2:08 am this morning. The message simply read, "I'm never going to forget this night".

    Thanks for magnificant posts up to the big night.

    Tearing up at my computer,


    ps. "Meet Me in New Orleans" should be blaring from the roof tops tomorrow during the Championship Parade. It is THE ANTHEM of This Day.

  2. Man, you have no idea how much I wished that I was there instead of here last night! What an amazing ending to an unforgettable season!!!

    Johnny C.

  3. We had friends and family over last night for the big game - our usual crew plus a few. Afterwards, we piled in the car to drive over to Academy (not to shop, learned that lesson after the NFC Championship), but just to share in the good times. Lots of honking and shouting and high-fiving, it was fun for us and the kids.

    On the way home, I realized everything's changed now - while the Saints still have their history as lovable losers (Cubs of the south?), that's all behind us now.

    We can win the big one, no, we *won* the big one.

    In the grand scheme of memories, our former "Aints" are more on the 45 rpm singles side than say the 8-track side - things we remember fondly, rather than things we wonder why we loved in the first place. Yet, I still think it's going to take us, Who Dat Nation, a while to get used to this new suit of clothes - it just doesn't fit quite right yet - it kinda pulls at us here and there. We're going to need to get used to these new Saints - no more "same old Saints", we're going to need a new inventory of stock phrases when we watch on Sundays now.

    As for the game, well, you couldn't have scripted it any better. Brees was spectacular; the supporting cast was key, yet typically deep and almost without standout; Coach Payton's decisions were gutsy, and a big defensive play sealed it. It was the Saints 2009 season in a 60 minute microcosm.

  4. I had to work in the hospital Sunday and EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE was into it here in Houston, TX. People would say - I really am not all that into football - but I'm for the Saints. People got together on the surgical floor waiting room where the tv's are a little bigger to watch the game together. When I left work in the 3rd quarter there was NO ONE on the road. And I screamed myself hoarse and Willy deaf through that 4th quarter at home. What an amazing game. We're happy for you Louisiana!