Friday, February 12, 2010

Local Entrepreneurs....

Here's some local folks that are getting it guy is building mini-greenhouses, another is catering to our epicurean needs...and the other is just trying to Survive on national TV. Props to all of them for getting out, working hard, and starting a business they believe in.

First up: A Lafayette gardener has created and their site is pretty impressive if you're a gardener. The concept is simple - offer an easy to build product for gardeners. They have a ton of containers and greenhouses to choose from so check out their website here.

Next: Parish Brewing Company. A Lafayette man that loves beer started his own "nano-brewery" but that company may not be so nano for long - they just signed a distribution deal with Schilling Distributors so look for Parish Beer in your favorite store soon. Thanks Marilynn for the heads up!

BTW - Does anyone watch Survivor?? James Clement, everyone's favorite Gravedigger from Lafayette, is back and we're rooting for him to win. Well, we're at least hoping he doesn't get kicked out with unused immunity idols in his pocket.
-jill :)

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