Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Help Finding Health Care

Governor Bobby Jindal announced a pretty cool new website yesterday that lets people compare costs and quality for hospitals and find the best price for prescription drugs. lets you compare hospitals, nursing homes, and health plans side by side and see their ratings. Surprisingly, some of the "better" places might not actually be the best and some of the 'ugh...I'd never go there' places scored much better. We decided to give the prescription drug comparison a test drive and it was cool....we searched 20mg of Lipitor. First we picked our parish, then city, then the specific drug and up popped the list. Super 1 pharmacy comes out the cheapest at $127 per 30 day supply and Northside Pharmacy came out the most expensive at $187 per 30 day supply. Now, both prices are obscene, but that's another topic for another day, in the meantime, check out the new site and read more about it in today's Shreveport Times.

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