Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"But I Shot A Man In Reno....Just To Watch Him Die"

The blog gods were kind this morning. A Louisiana man has invented a chastity belt for dogs. Whacky you say, zany! "How in the heck?" But that's not strange part. The story plays up the third grader "ooh gross, you have to clean it!" angle. Still, not the weird part. The inventor has been contacted to design a chastity belt for camels. Whoa, knee-slapper....but not the weirdest part of this story. No, the part that got my attention, and was left sadly under-explained in the article, was this tidbit:
Ironically, a freak injury led Blanch to his invention. He was shot by one of his beagles two years ago in a hunting accident, leaving him with an 8-inch wound. "I nearly had to face the amputation of an arm," he says. In no way did the shooting sour his feelings for his dogs, he says.

Huh? His beagle shot him? Forget about the stupid chastity belt, how does a dog shoot a gun? I have a beagle, she can't do any sit, no roll over, no trigger finger.

Buck Wolf (his real name?), wrote the piece for Read it all here.

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  1. Freak injury, eh? I think ol' Buck's beagle is just a bad shot - to her eternal chagrin. Maybe you need to cut your pup some slack on the incessant trick-training thing. You never know, she could be busy working on her trigger finger.