Tuesday, February 23, 2010

That Shoulda Been Me

OK, one more Saints Superbowl Victory story, unless I find another one later. Over on Saintsreport.com, a guy posted this photo and story of his Mardi Gras catch. Check it out, and then check your envy.

"I'm at the Orpheus parade on Monday night with my family. I'm up on a really tall ladder with my son, wearing my Reggie Bush jersey. Around the corner comes the float carrying Sean Payton and Reggie Bush. They're throwing these cool Super Bowl hats with Fluer de lis on them. I was trying like crazy to catch one, when all of a sudden, Coach Payton points directly at me, takes out a sharpie and signs the bill of the cap. He launches it toward me and it lands right in my hands. It was like slow motion. Here's the picture from my cell phone right after I caught it. Woo Hoo!!!!"

1 comment:

  1. Oh so cool. Sent your link to every diehard fan I could think of. Mountains of envy building as we speak.