Friday, January 22, 2010

"That'll Be One Jelly Omelet, And I Prefer To Dine Unshod"

The following was submitted by Bill Vermillion. We'd like to invite all our readers to contribute essays like this one, that capture a moment of old school Lafayette, that could have only happened here, in our wonderful, unique hometown.

Snack's was a 24-hour restaurant located at Four Corners (the intersection of University and Cameron Streets), Lafayette, LA. They had an extensive menu, including a jelly omelet ( I think they used grape jelly). One night Robert Savoy and I stopped in there, I can't remember where we'd been, though it sounds nice to say we were coming from Jay's Lounge in Cankton, after seeing Marcia Ball or Clifton Chenier. We were sitting at the counter shoveling down our omelets or whatever, when in walks this guy, maybe late 20's, mid-30's, big late seventies-early eighties glasses, grinning, inebriated, and barefoot. The waitress behind the counter tells him "You can't come in here without shoes!" He leaves. We continue eating. The door opens. There's the guy, huge grin on his face, with his feet wrapped in newspapers. "Get out before I call the police!" our waitress yells, while Robert and I bust a gut laughing. He left.

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