Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Acadian Cultural Center Top Stop

Lafayette's Acadian Cultural Center tops this list of the top 5 "great stops" between Dallas and New Orleans on From the article:
Located in Lafayette, LA, the Acadian Cultural Center is one of three sites dedicated to preserving and explaining Acadian culture. The Acadians in Louisiana (now called Cajuns) are decedents of French colonists who settled in Canada, only to be forced south during the Great Expulsion as a result of the French And Indian War. About 300 Acadians were forcefully deported to Louisiana (then controlled by Spain), and many more followed suit in later years. All of these influences combine to create a unique blend of culture, food, music and language amid the bayous of Louisiana.The center is actually part of the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve, a series of six sites that offer an incredible glimpse into history, culture and nature. At this site, you can take educational bayou rides and learn of the rich history of the region.
The next "great stop" is the Arna Bontemps African American Museum, located in Alexandria. The museum is the birthplace of Arna Wendell Bontemps, an influential American poet, author, librarian and one of the leading authorities and members of the Harlem Renaissance. I wasn't familiar with the work of Mr. Bontemps, and found it interesting that he was born in CenLa.
The rest of the "great stops" are in Shreveport and Texas, and I don't particularly care about those places.
Read on, if you must, here.

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