Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oops We Did It Again

Alison Bath, wrote this story for the Shreveport Times, citing information released by D.C. based Death Penalty Information Center, that states eight men have been found innocent of the crimes that put them on Louisiana's death row. All were exonerated before they were put to death and ultimately freed from prison. Eight oopsies, my bad, almost killed an innocent man, you can pick up your parting gift on your way out.
But rest easy citizens, Louisiana is merely tied for fifth on this list. Florida leads the pack (of dogs?) with 23 death row exonerations. In the case of the eight men exonerated, removed from Louisiana's death row and freed, most occurred after 1997. Some were freed because more sophisticated DNA testing was able to exclude them from the crime.
So, you think we didn't execute any innocent folks prior to 1997? Really?
It's a very interesting article read it all here.

Photo by Vincent J. Brown

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