Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just A Man And His Uniform...And Some Badges..Sirens..Yikes

What is it with guys impersonating cops around here? This is the third such story I've encountered since starting the blog last May. Let's look at the reported facts in the case shall we? Cody Patrick Theriot, 27, of New Iberia, arrested wearing tactical-style pants and a red and silver reflective “K-9 Search and Rescue Team” jacket. Deputies also discovered he was in possession of two official law enforcement badges, a semi-automatic handgun, riot baton, handcuffs, a police scanner and a K-9 tracking harness. Also, his vehicle was equipped with several decals commonly found on law enforcement units along with operable red and blue lights, an audible siren and a law enforcement push-style bumper. Theriot is not a commissioned officer with any law enforcement agency. That's quite an investment in pretend world. He even had it narrowed down to the K-9 squad. How exciting for him.

Read the A.P. story here.

Photo by Brett L

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