Friday, January 15, 2010

Hey! Not The Face!

Tina Marcias of The Advertiser wrote this bizarre story of 2 separate incidents of 'teacher mayhem'. First up, Michael Rinberger, 31, at Northside High is being investigated for abusing a student....with his shoe. Apparently, while trying to quiet the kids, Rinberger removed his shoe and was waving it in the air. Unfortunately, he hit a 16 year old in the face injuring and possibly breaking his nose. Across town at Lafayette Middle, a male teacher allegedly got so upset at his class that he pushed a student over a desk and fractured his leg. Our running totals thus far: two angry teachers, a broken leg, possibly a broken nose, and one arrest. Sounds crazy, but Lafayette Police Sgt. Mark Francis explained the Rinberger incident this way: "He was frustrated with a previous class making noise, and he wasn't feeling well when the next class came in. They were noisy," So, if a class before you was misbehaving....that equals a broken nose for you. I get that.

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