Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Do Declare...I Need Mah Mama!

Celebrity-redneck millionaire, and Louisiana ex-pat, Britney Spears, has found herself back in the headlines. We hadn't heard much from Ms. Spears lately, other than some complaints from angry fans in Australia that Brittney had lip-synced (gasp..imagine!) portions of a performance back in November. Here's a Rolling Stone article concerning that fiasco.
But now, Britney's got Man problems. Lawd! This article says that Britney done split up with Jason Trawick....who? I know y'all! Now, if I was her, I wouldn't go anywhere near someone with a name that close to trainwreck. Anyway, Brit was so distraught, she had her mother dispatched from Louisiana to comfort her. Fer real doe. Or should that be fer real dough? Whatever, it had Louisiana in the link so now it's in the Meaux. Enjoy.

Photo by loveyousave

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