Thursday, January 14, 2010

Aww What? Dat's A Cigarette Bandit Podnuh

Move over Bikini Bandits (but don't forget to pop in once in a while), there's a new bandit in town. Lafayette police issued a press release this afternoon detailing their search for the so called "cigarette bandit". The bandit is charged with stealing "well over $5oo dollars" of cigarettes at 6 area convenient stores. Modus Operandi: Suspect approaches the sales counter and requests a carton of cigarettes. When the carton is placed onto the counter, the suspect grabs the cigarettes and runs out of the store. Wow, that's some clever banditing. Then, suspect gets into a dark pick up truck and flees! Who would think to flee? Ahh the criminal mind. Anyway, this is a real story, and the cops want anyone with information to call 232-TIPS. I'm just guessing, but suspect may also have a husky cough and stale breath. That should narrow it down.

Photo by Lisa Brewster

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