Thursday, January 28, 2010

Root Root Root

This is my favorite era Clifton. Headband Clifton. Arguably at the height of his powers, with one of his best bands. Buckwheat Dural on Hammond organ; Lil Buck Sinegal on guitar; Robert St. Julien on drums; Cleveland Chenier on rubboard; and the great John Hart on sax. Not sure who's on bass. I love this song because it's so laid back, in no hurry, and just builds and builds each time around. That's how I'm gonna do this weekend too. Next weekend will be one for the ages, so, now is the time to chill. Endweek now starts.


  1. Great stuff. I may have seen Sonny Landreth perform with Clifton. It would have around 1981; there was a phenomenal white guitarist in the band.

  2. Yeah, I think that is around the time Sonny was with Clifton. I'll have to find out for sure and report back. Man, a bootleg of that Sonny/Clifton line up would be worth its weight in gold huh?