Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Birfday to Us

This coming Thursday The Daily Meaux turns one. What a crazy, wonderful year of blogging. When we started, we weren't sure exactly what we were doing, but we knew we wanted to create a hub of local newsworthy stories....or at least a collection of items we found interesting. Back then, we had time to post lots and lots of stories all day, but circumstances in our real life changed and we had considerably less time to work on the blog. It emerged as true 'daily' meaux - one story of the day (well...almost every day) that we felt was most interesting or important. One thing that hasn't changed is Mark's Thursday music post. He kicks off the weekend with a YouTube of a Louisiana artist and has found quite a few gems along the way. This week, we'll also present a retrospective of some of our favorite stories from the past year.

We are always surprised that we even have readers, let alone the volume and quality that we do. TDM has had visits from every state in the union along with 56 different countries and for some reason, our little blurb on The Shed BBQ from back in August has been the most popular. We are grateful to have graced the pages of The Independent twice....once as a "find" and once as one of the things that makes Lafayette "cool". We want to thank everyone that has ever linked to us, followed us, or subscribed to our email and especially everyone that has contributed stories, comments and ideas.

It's been an awesome year, and we just renewed our domain names, so we're looking forward to another great one....thanks for sticking around!

Photo by: Lindsay M. Curtis


  1. Congratulations! What's good for you has been very good for us. Thanks for a year's worth of news worth reading.

  2. Yes congrats and happy 1st B-day! Thanks for keeping me up to date with Lafayette!

  3. can't believe it's a year how the time has flown...and another bday coming soon for the meaux himself...and the first for a baby tallulah. Happy Anniversary and Happy Early Birthday...Good job on both.