Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Animal Updates

Looking back at some of the stories from the past year, we have a couple of very important updates:

First up: Apparently our world's oldest dog, Max from New Iberia has even MORE competition. But of course, when you're on top, there are always people nipping at your heels, thus enters Minius....a mixed breed from Poland. OhMyNews.com is claiming that he's 27 and Max is only 26 in their story here.

On another note, one of the very first stories we ever did may still be one of my favorites - Norman the Nutria in Abbeville. That's the one where 'Norman' allegedly attacked a woman at the Walmart in Abbeville. Well, Rebecca White is finally getting her day in court. According to the Abbeville Meridinal the case has been reassigned to state court and while Walmart says they are not negligent, they do say in court papers that if they are, it's White's fault since she is the one that "startled the nutria, causing it to startle her." Full story here. Love you corporate America.

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