Monday, May 24, 2010

Cajun Women Advance To Super Regional

Count me among Cajun fans that root, root, root for LSU...when they're winning; feel no lasting pain when they lose; and do back-flips of joy on the rare occasions they are beaten on the field by UL. I went to both schools, (though neither of them have erected a statue commemorating my attendance) and actually preferred my time at LSU. But, I'm a Cajun of the Ragin' variety deep down. That status was set in the stone of my thick head by one Dwight "Bo" Lamar, he with the mighty Fro, and deadly 30 foot jumper. And on the rare occasion he missed, Roy Ebron was there to rebound for him. The 70's might have sucked for the Beatles, but they rocked for me.

So, imagine the glee to be had with UL's 6-1 victory over Texas A&M this weekend to advance to the NCAA Super Regional, in of all places, Baton Rouge.

With the win, the Cajuns (45-16) clinched their second Super Regional appearance in the past three years before 1,642 at LSU's Tiger Park. They will travel to play No. 5 national seed UCLA (43-11) in a three-game series next weekend with the winner advancing to the Women's College World Series in Oklahoma City.

Joshua Parrott wrote this article for the Daily Advertiser on the victory. Photo courtesy of

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