Sunday, May 23, 2010

Open for Business

With all the new businesses opening up around town, Lafayette seems to really have earned the title of "One of the Top 20 Cities Surviving The Recession" Here's just a few....

Vanessa V is a new boutique that just opened in the Centerpiece Shopping Center on Johnston Street between Michael's Arts and Crafts and Bailey's Restaurant. They have a bunch of really cute stuff on their website, but for now, no ecommerce so you have to stop in.

Also opening soon - a new Rouses and CVS are coming to the old Graham Central Station shopping center at Bertrand and Congress. Graham and the Blockbuster video on the corner both closed recently making room for the new pharmacy and grocery stores. The groundbreaking is set for July. Speaking of closing though - if you haven't noticed, Hollywood Video on Ambassador is shutting it's doors and so is Whisnat's Jewelry on Ambassador by La Pizzeria.

There are a couple of new restaurants to try.... We mentioned the Elephant Steak House on Kaliste Saloom at Ambassador...well, that's a burlesque themed restaurant now and the old Evangeline Seafood and Steakhouse is reopening soon as "Maya Mexican Grill"

And finally - for your home: Lamp Designs recently opened up at 106 Rue Promenade in River Ranch.

So there's lots of new stores to check out and since there's a tax-free weekend coming up it seems like the perfect excuse to go shopping...although technically that's for hurricane supplies so I don't think you can justify a new handbag as a hurricane necessity, but maybe a new lamp..... :)

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