Friday, May 14, 2010


Having solved all other ills, our state legislature turned their focus back to burning issue of bringing guns to church. Indeed, the bill once considered dead has risen again.

Ed Anderson wrote this piece for the Times Picayune, and it was picked up by The Huffington Post. Guns should be allowed in Louisiana houses of worship as a way to protect congregants from attacks, if the pastor or head of the religious body approves, state lawmakers said Wednesday. The state House voted 74-18 for the bill on Wednesday (May 12), sending it to the Senate for debate. Last Thursday, the bill received a 45-39 vote in the House, eight votes short of the 53 needed to pass in the lower chamber.

Quote of the day belongs to State Rep. Ernest Wooten, Republican (shocker):
"I want to see in the Bible where it says you can't bring a gun to church,"

Try arguing with that logic.

Photo by Hermin


  1. This shows the power of the gun lobby. There have to be more than 18 state senators who know this is nuts, but they're afraid to vote otherwise.

    You can't argue with that logic because, well, for starters it isn't logic.

  2. Sorry -- 18 representatives.

    I'm trying to imagine a pastor standing up in the pulpit to reassure the congregants that it's now o.k. to pack on Sunday. I don't want to imagine what the sign of peace would be like...

    What's surprising about the margin is how Catholic southern Louisiana is. A priest who o.k.'d this would get transferred to Nome with the child molesters.