Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hooray For Entrepreneurial Students!

Undoubtedly one of the best things about living in Acadiana is the huge choice of great restaurants we have. So many so that sometimes it's difficult to think of them all....but that's were comes in. is a rapidly growing web hub for Lafayette restaurant goers, and the best part - it was started by a ULL student, Tyler LeCompte, who is graduating this summer. Frustrated with trying to find nice places to eat LeCompte put his skill to work on the idea of connecting those looking for restaurants to the hundreds of fabulous restaurants in the Lafayette area. The result: a food passionist├ęs’ paradise. uploads menus, pictures, maps, and reviews of restaurants in Lafayette while keeping followers updated on changes and specials through the web page and its large following on Facebook and Twitter. (Visit their Facebook page here) has had several recent developments. One of the highlights being the option to download coupons from the site of participating restaurants. Restaurants can offer coupons from the site and these can be redeemed at your next visit. In the works: LeCompte hopes to develop an app for the iPhone that allows users to search quickly though menus, locations and store hours to find exactly what they are looking for. No Android?? Anyway - that's awesome Tyler - great idea and site!

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