Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lighthouse Available May 18

One of my favorite singers in the world, has a new record coming out. Pavarotti? Doubt it. Bob Dylan? Of course, I hope he's working on a new one. Nope, this singer is a woman, and a friend and above all, an artist. Susan Cowsill's new record Lighthouse is out May 18 on Threadhead records. This is the follow up to her solo debut, 2005's Just Believe It. Click here for the first press release for Lighthouse. It gives you a brief bio and tidbits about what went into the making of the record. Susan has an amazing history in the music business, and counts lots of famous folks as fans. People like Jackson Browne, Lucinda Williams, Adam Duritz all have contributed their talents to Susan's work in the past, because they (and I) love her and her work. Her kind of talent is rare and deep and soulful. Here's the title track to Just Believe It, featuring husband and collaborator Russ Broussard on drums, Chris Knotts on guitar, and old buddy Rob Savoy on the Longhorn Bass. Click here for Susan's website.

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