Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh No!

Mike Triplet reported for the Times-Picayune that Drew Brees is a finalist to appear on the cover of EA Sports Madden 11 video game. This is not good! Many...and I mean many players who have appeared on the cover in past years have been injured and missed the entire season.
The most notorious examples were Detroit Lions tailback Barry Sanders in 1999 (abruptly retired before the season); Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick in 2003 (broken leg in the summer); Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb in 2005 (season-ending hernia); and Seattle Seahawks tailback Shaun Alexander in 2006 (broken foot).

I just finished getting Drew injury free through our Super Bowl season by ritualistic game day preparations, and conjuring. I kinda wanted to relax this offseason. But is he helping? No. He actually wants to be on the cover.
"You know what, I'm not rooting against it," Brees said, when asked about his hopes for the vote. "If it does happen, just like records are made to be broken, curses are made to be broken too. If the fans have spoken, if I am indeed their vote, then I'll do my best to break that trend."

Clearly, he's lost his mind. It's as if he doesn't believe in superstition at all. I'm gonna do what I can, but, he has to want to be helped....I can't do that for him.

Read the article here.

Photo by ian_ransley


  1. Clearly, Drew has bigger set of... um ... er ... principles than thou, Gentle Blogger. He is not only unafraid of what calamity may befall him should he be voted Madden's Cover Boy, he nearly invites it to pose with him. Ever the Man of the People, Drew goes one better by throwing it back into the face of Fate by putting the power into the hands of the people. And, if it's time for the tide to turn (as it must), who better than Drew Breesus to beat the devil?
    Besides, I hear that within Drew's support system, is an avatar, of sorts - his doppelganger when needed. Likened to the King's food taster, his sole purpose in life is to "take a bullet" for the King. This poor soul spends at least half the year in ritualistic 'preparation and conjuring' just to keep Drew healthy. Imagine that? I'd say, if anyone will be adversely affected by Drew's appearing on the cover of Madden 11, it'll probably be this poor schmuck. So, you feelin' OK?

  2. My point exactly. I don't feel well at all. In fact, sometimes I feel like I'm doing all the work in this relationship.

  3. You give, you give, you give. And for what? ... a Super Bowl? Schmooper Bowl, what kind of thing is that. Eat some chicken soup, you'll be fine.