Wednesday, March 10, 2010

They Went Postal On The Mailman

Talk about a rough day at work, a postal worker was robbed and stabbed while delivering the mail on the 100 block of Ransome Street (oh the irony). Jason Brown wrote this story for the Advocate, based on a press release from Lafayette Police. From the article:

Lafayette police said the victim was walking his route at about 3:30 p.m. Monday when two black men approached him and asked for money.

The victim told them he did not have any money and continued on his way, the release says. Shortly afterward, the two men demanded mail from his bag.

The victim began running but was tackled by one of the men. During a struggle, one of the suspects stabbed the postal worker in the abdomen with a pocket knife, the release stated.

The robbers left with an undisclosed amount of money taken from the victim's wallet, the release said.

What a drag for this poor guy. What kinda money does a Mailman carry on his route? I'd be looking for some Thera-Flu samples or maybe some free pantyhose. I actually got some of those in the mail one time. Yep, in a big egg.

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