Wednesday, March 10, 2010

At Least They Got "Louisiana" In The Article

I found this on Mother Jones, but it's on several blogs, and I think it originated on (NSFW) It seems a Walmart store "somewhere in Louisiana", was found to be selling Black Barbie Dolls (actually named "Ballerina Theresa") for almost half the price of White Barbies. There are obvious negative implications with this, but it may not be as sinister as it appears. It may be....but there's no proof of that. In fact, Walmart says they simply put the dolls on clearance to make room for spring inventory. The dolls in the photo have a red tag indicating they are, indeed, on clearance. The photo in question was taken in an unidentified Walmart store in Louisiana. Why here? The flap about the Justice of the Peace who wouldn't perform a marriage for an interracial couple was finally dying down. Now, we're caught in the middle of the Black Barbie/White Barbie controversy. And don't even start about Sugar Daddy Ken. Ken's dog apparently is named Sugar, hence the doll named Sugar's Daddy Ken. Whatever, just sell him in Texas, or Mississippi.

More here.

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