Friday, March 5, 2010

The Lawyer Who Stopped Talking

No problem finding things to do downtown tonight. Geronimo Fest kicks off it's Indie Rock extravaganza at several clubs. It's an awesome event, and well publicized elsewhere, so I won't repeat all the details here. However, over at Cite' Des Arts, an under-hyped theatrical production is also having it's opening night.

The Lawyer Who Stopped Talking, an original comedy in one act written by Jim Phillips and directed by Christy Leichty. She wants a divorce. He is obliged, but wants to keep his money. Her lawyer, although a pain for her soon-to-be-ex, is simply trying to do his job. She turns to her guru for help. A squirrel in Central Park sparks a spiritual revolution. A media circus ensues. The detective – oh yes – the detective proves to be very helpful. In the end – the lesson to be learned: silence is golden.

Here is their Facebook page. And you can now order tickets online at the Cite' site. The play will run this Friday and Saturday night, and again next weekend. Support local theater!

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