Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Don't Drink the Water

No one seems to know what happened to the water in Rayne yesterday, but apparently *something* caused a yellow, grimy residue to change the color of Antoinetta Cormier's hair while she was at the hairdresser. Cormier was getting her weekly set and style at New Attitudes Hair Salon when they noticed the yellow film coming out of the faucet. In fact, it was so sticky that they had to wash poor Antoinetta's hair five times and it still wouldn't come out. According to the story, the Rayne Volunteer Fire Department was flushing the hydrants while at the same time, residents noticed that some kind of slimy residue was in their drinking water. In fact, another Rayne resident, Marjorie Baptiste, had the same issue, except the yellow slime finally did come out...when her hair fell out. Yikes. KATC has the full story here.

In other news - there was a victory in court for fake giraffe storytellers, Hammond Action News, recently. Hammond Action News is a satirical website, a la The Onion, that focuses on fake local news stories in Tangipahoa Parish. After the national story about the attack of the killer shark, they wrote a story about a rogue giraffe at Global Wildlife Center, who didn't think it was too funny. Global Wildlife sued the website, but the court ultimately sided with Hammond Action News citing the website clearly has posted a disclaimer stating they are satirical, for entertainment purposes only. Full story here.

Photo by: tehbieber

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