Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Trail Ride

Last May we did a story called 'Acadiana Bike Trail May Soon Become A Reality'.....and now, a year later, it really, really may soon become a reality. The $100k grant from the Community Foundation has been allocated and now, Lafayette Consolidated Government has 1 year to complete the project. So...yea! The $100k will cover construction costs and signage for the trail, which will start out running from Parc Sans Souci to Beaver Park. According to the story in the Advertiser, the eventual plan is for it to run all the way from Lafayette to St. Martinville.

Photo by: sasrigais


  1. Well, Jeez, running all the way to St. Martinville kinda defeats the whole purpose of biking, right? (she's baa-aack)

  2. Oh we've missed you! Welcome back dear cryptic one.