Wednesday, June 2, 2010

This Note's For You

This one goes out to our "friends" over at BP, particularly in light of their recent claims that they remain unconvinced of underwater oil plumes in the Gulf; for their consistent underestimations of how much oil was spewing from their botched well; to their CEO who wants "his life back"; for claiming relief workers from Louisiana were merely "sea sick" or overcome by the heat, rather than suffering from exposure to noxious fumes emanating from the oil and chemical dispersant; and lastly, to whore monger David Vitter for attempting to introduce a bill limiting BP's liability. They all got one helluva nerve.

James Booker don't take no mess, and neither should we. Weekend is here, have a can a beer! Thanks Tim.

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  1. Finally! An accurate and appropriate use of the word whoremonger! Good get, DM. Way to wield that Webster as a weapon for truth.

  2. You rock. I anticipate your daily update and you really hit the nail on the head today. My husband and I feel like we must have known you in another life. Keep up the good work!