Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Mini-Golf Coming to Lafayette

I drive by the old Global Golf location on Johnston Street almost every day and each time I do, I look at the empty lot with nothing left but some big pampas grass and think to myself how much I enjoyed miniature golf as a kid. The bigger and fancier the better. I remember going to giant miniature golf parks on vacation....not the wimpy little putt-putt courses, but big, pirate ship fancy miniature golf courses. Well, the mini-golf gods must have been listening to my opine because there's a new $20,000 miniature golf and batting cage recreation center going up on Duhon Road...not far from the old Global Golf. But in the meantime, if you need a mini-golf fix, visit Kart Ranch...they have one of the best courses around and lots of other fun stuff. Ok, there's no giant pirate ship, but they do have a lighthouse and it is still very nice. Plus, if you get hot, you can cool off in the bumper boats or start a Super Soaker war. Happy summer! jill :)

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  1. WIth all the partying and festivals in Lafayette, who's going to have time for miniature golf?

    Golf for me is a good way to waste five hours of my life. So, I was really surprised that, when playing in a best ball tournament, I had the best short game of my quartet. I couldn't figure it out because I almost never play and couldn't tell a wedge from a wood. Then it hit me: This was a snap compared to those mini-golf I had taken my kids to when they were growing up: No windmills, no bank shots, no gaping chasms that returned the ball right back to me. Nothing to it!