Thursday, November 12, 2009

Whoop I'm 'Bout To Sit Down

OK, lets trip the light nostalgic shall we? The year 1980 (or around there), long haired hippie Meaux ventures out to New Orleans to see The Clash at the Warehouse. Culture shock awaits our young protagonist in the form of Punk Rock and all it's fashion and rituals. Heretofore, my punk rock experience had consisted of merely listening to my coveted records and fermenting my teenage angst. I can still whip up a pretty good mess of irrational anger (after proper stretching, of course) so back off man!

So, the only guy more out of place at this particular show was the artist opening for The Clash that night, Lee Dorsey. Resplendent in a burgundy double knit blazer, and Sansabelt white pants, Mr. Dorsey was met with a sea of upheld bird fingers flung with blissful ignorance by an audience that didn't deserve to witness his talents. Still, it was pretty dang fun. He closed with this number, and never let the young cretins in the audience get to him, or affect his performance. He was a Professional. Plus, even though he was already suffering the affects of the emphysema that was to take his life in 1986, I got the sense he could have easily kicked the ass of each of those youngins out there taunting him that night.
It's TGIThursday! Happy weekend everybody!

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  1. Yup....I was at that Warehouse concert too and totally not surprised at the selection of Dorsey as an opening act for The Clash (especially after seeing Rockin' Dopsie open for the Sex Pistols at The Kingfish in Baton Rouge about two years or so earlier!