Monday, November 9, 2009

Go with the Flow

The Department of Transportation and Development, along with the City Council are looking for public input on what to do with the new extension of Ambassador Caffery at Verot School Road. The new stretch of roadway is scheduled to open early next year and will feature 4 lanes on each side along with raised medians. That sounds nice, but herein lies the controversy.....apparently they are disagreeing on the number of access points they will allow onto the roadway. Currently the plan restricts the number of entry points and creates a special taxing district to help pay for the roadway, easements and upkeep, like landscaping and lighting. DOTD Director Tony Trammel says that every entry point slows traffic and they want to keep it flowing on this road. However, Broussard mayor Charles Langlinais said restricting the number of driveways would restrict business development. Richard Burgess has the whole story in today's Advocate.

1 comment:

  1. As a Broussard resident used to the Albertson Parkway/La Neuville shuffle, I've been wondering aloud for a while now about just how many lights, intersections, and so on the new Ambassador Caffery extension would have. That is, will it resemble the hell that exists between Congress and Johnston? In defense of Tony Trammel, someone I don't usually see eye to eye with, it looks like he wants what is needed. Boo, Charles Langlinais. Please visit almost any other city (ok, outside Louisiana), and take note of how retail areas are able to thrive despite not having a driveway ever 10 yards. Johnston street should be a lesson, not a target.