Monday, November 9, 2009

Pet Pics at the Mall

This post was going to be about the Mall of Acadiana's direct line to Santa, selling text messages from the Big Guy for only $5.49 for 3 messages sent to your kids toddlers even have cell phones? Ok, that's fine. KATC has a report on that here but, then I saw that every Tuesday night is Dog Night at the mall! That's right - from 6pm - 9pm you can bring your puppy (or kitty) to Center Court and take their photo with Santa. The mall has a few rules - all pets must be removed from the mall immediately after their photo and if your pet has an accident, please clean it up. So yeah, what could possibly go wrong? We'll keep our crazy pups at home. Putting them in the same vicinity as a cat - let alone multiple strange cats and dogs - is a recipe for least in the Meaux household.

Photo by pmarkham

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