Saturday, June 13, 2009

Angola Farm Is Self-Sustaining

As we noted last week The National Geographic Channel is airing a follow up to the Oscar nominated film, The Farm, on Tuesday June 16, called The Farm 10 Down. This article on by Sam Biddle, points out that since instituting the farm, acts of violence have dropped dramatically. From the article:
Interestingly, since the original film took place, the prison has developed a mostly self-sustaining agricultural community where they raise millions of pounds of vegetables, hundreds of workhorses, and thousands of cattle. On June 16th, the filmmakers will debut “A Decade Behind Bars: Return to the Farm,” on National Geographic, revisiting Angola to examine the changes and innovations that have taken place at the prison which have led to a surprising 74 percent drop in acts of violence.

UPDATE: If you've never seen the original film, has The Farm available for free viewing right here. I suspect they'll also have the sequel posted after the airing on Tuesday.

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